Monday, December 26, 2016

The Death Vallley of Indian Himalaya

Saddling up to ride around Indian sub-continent including high Himalaya? Here is one route that you don't  want to miss on your riding itinerary. "The Death Valley of Indian Himalaya". Yes indeed, its one of the most breathtaking regions of India, where you will tackle the roads of your dream adventure. This ride is remarkable in every terms of motorcycling, the scenery is sublime and imposing and nature appears in her wildest and grandest moods.

 Everything in Himachal Pradesh is on a stupendous scale. it's a region of Himalayan shepherds reside in the most isolated settlements in middle of nowhere. Getting there is an adventure itself.  The mighty Chandra-Bhaga river rolls along in a deep and narrow gorge of Pangi. 

 On the lower ranges are grassy slopes of rich pasture with dense forests of pine and cedar, while higher up the stern and majestic mountains attaining an altitude from 18,000 to 21,000 feet rising far above the line of eternal snow. But all this is not rugged and sublimity and naked beauty. Every few miles the traveler reaches tolerably open nooks of surpassing beauty, which may have been small lakes in some gone by age, while the river was cutting its course."

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