Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mongolian ride to the Eagle Hunter

'The land is so vast and wild, only passionate travelers or fiercest enemies would cross it to visit the Mongolian Nomads". 
There has been many wheelies happening along the ride, but Ben did it right! 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Himalayan Heroes adventure to Eastern Himalayas-INDIA

January 2017, Himalayan Heroes crew ventured through the most stunning yet remote land of eastern India. Between the lost tribes of Nagaland (Head hunters) and the most isolated settlement of Tawang, upper region of Arunachal Pradesh. Two weeks motorcycling through dense bamboo forest and bone freezing cold of Sela pass whilst tackling endless bends of amazing road to Twang. It was a pure motorcycling experience to discover the authentic culture, delicious cuisine, breathtaking landscape and heart-warming people of Arunachal and Nagaland.  

Our original plan was to cross border into  Burma (Myanmar) from India and spend around a week to explore Burma and eventually head back to India; which didn't happen due to some political instability and we worked out the plan B, to ride around North-East of India, and it was a great decision. 
Here below are few shots from our ride and ever since we have came back from Eastern India, we've been planning a new ride. Can't wait to ride there again.....

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nepal Motorcycle Adventure-into the wild

Nepal motorcycling adventure combining the best riding experience both on paved-road  with four days of technical expedition-style off road.

River Gorge, narrow and slick endless bends to the deepest gorge in the world. Ride up to the sacred temple pilgrimage site of #Muktinath, set high in the base of mighty #Annapurna mountain range, offering the best snow-pack mountain views in all of the Himalaya. We will spend a night in the authentic Nepali village of #Nuwakot and two nights in charming lakeside #Pokhara. There is a lot to do around Pokhara, #parasailing #canyoning #helifly #treks #whitwaterrafting #shightseeing town can keep you busy for a week or so.

 We will stop at Royal #Chitwan National Park and before we land back at Kathmandu we do a run toward Tibet border to spend an overnight at Last resort to party overnight. Join and experience the absolute

Magic of Nepal with us on our next adventure through the most authentic Himalayan country on Royal Enfield​ 500cc. It's an amazing feeling to ride just next to a 8,000meters high mountain and being able to see it so clear and close. Nepal is the only country where you can get so close to such high gigantic mountain. You can see wind-swinging the fresh snow on top of the mountain.


Monday, December 26, 2016

The Death Vallley of Indian Himalaya

Saddling up to ride around Indian sub-continent including high Himalaya? Here is one route that you don't  want to miss on your riding itinerary. "The Death Valley of Indian Himalaya". Yes indeed, its one of the most breathtaking regions of India, where you will tackle the roads of your dream adventure. This ride is remarkable in every terms of motorcycling, the scenery is sublime and imposing and nature appears in her wildest and grandest moods.

 Everything in Himachal Pradesh is on a stupendous scale. it's a region of Himalayan shepherds reside in the most isolated settlements in middle of nowhere. Getting there is an adventure itself.  The mighty Chandra-Bhaga river rolls along in a deep and narrow gorge of Pangi. 

 On the lower ranges are grassy slopes of rich pasture with dense forests of pine and cedar, while higher up the stern and majestic mountains attaining an altitude from 18,000 to 21,000 feet rising far above the line of eternal snow. But all this is not rugged and sublimity and naked beauty. Every few miles the traveler reaches tolerably open nooks of surpassing beauty, which may have been small lakes in some gone by age, while the river was cutting its course."

 To continue ....

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Into Thin Air--Riding To The Lost Shangrila- MUSTANG.

Into Thin Air--Riding To The Lost Shangrila--MUSTANG.

We have been riding the treacherous Nepal Himalayan roads since last five years, they are tough to ride and we go high up to the mountainous regions on off the beaten tracks, where regular people would hardly go. Or even won't imagine to go, why would they go there? No five stars hotels to stay, no fast food chain, forget about riding!

 Where its cold and weather is extreme but we love it, we love adventurous motorcycling, and that's the reason; we are going back to ride Nepal again on fall November, we're going to ride the higher region of Nepal Himalaya, "Mustang", The Land of fierce "Khampa", This land had been forbidden for the foreigners till 1995, even today, to enter into that forgotten land, we need to obtain a special permit to enter into that forbidden land. 

 Yes, November, we would love you to   join us for the ride of lifetime into one of the most unexplored regions of the Himalayas. Upper Mustang provides experienced riders with an adventure that very few have dared to undertake.

This ride is not for the faint hearted. it checks you to the core, It will push your riding skills, the bike, and endurance to the limit. The rewards are plentiful however as you get the chance to experience the last remaining Tibetan kingdom in all it’s glory. The majority of the tour rides close to 4000m on terrain which regularly encounters snowfall, landslides and glacial melt. So get ready to take deep breathes!

This adventure is like nowhere in the world, riding in middle of nowhere among the highest mountains of Nepal Himalaya, encountering the local settlements of the high mountains and riding in the shadow of 8,000meters high mountains. It won't be easy,if you think that this motorcycling is gonna be easy and fun than you are dreaming it, on our previous ride, we have had some of the riders who had to quite the ride and jump into the back-up jeep, they couldn't take the exhaustion and the altitude and the rough roads, Royal is not really a off road motorcycle but there is no other way to enjoy this ride than on Royal Enfield. A legendary machine. 

14 days adventure, once in a lifetime on Royal Enfield in Nepal, have you ever imagined that you would travel Himalaya on a motorcycle? Will witness the 8,000meters high mountains. Will live what you have been watching on National Geography or Discovery channels? yes, this is the ride, which is gonna fulfill your zest for adventurous motorcycling. 
we are going regardless, are you coming with us on a ride of "Lifetime"?