Monday, November 19, 2012

Rajasthan (The princely state of India)

 Riding Rajasthan is like riding back to the Maharajas period.

An oasis of vibrant colour spicing up the desert air, Rajasthan-the famed "Land of Indian Royalty,
was once a clutch of princely kingdoms.
Today it is also a land of rock and desert, lakes and jungles, representing India at her exotic best. Its history speaks of a proud people whose courage, chivalry and martial traditions are legendary.
here palace and fort, garden and lake attest to pride and honor  love and culture. in this land still living in its historic past, everywhere there is colour and gaiety, art and pageantry, and a love of all things beautiful.
Rajasthan is now one of India's prime tourist destinations, attracting travelers from all over the world-and everyone who visits is sure to leave with priceless memories and bundles of souvenir.
the vibrant colour of this magnificent land is nowhere in the world, our motorcycle trip in Rajasthan is specially design to bring all our riders to experience the festival and fair of the tiny villages, which are far from the hussel & bussel of the big cities like Jaipur (Capital of Rajasthan).

This princely land of India has a lot to offer to the travelers weather you are found of monuments or nature or flora & fauna? But the best way to discover Rajasthan, it would be on motorcycle.
I picked up Messimo from the airport and drove them to the hotel for the overnight stay in the hotel, early morning we took our taxi to Agara which is around 225 kms from north-west of Delhi. where we visited the seventh wonder of the world "The Taj Mahal

While Jaipur, Capital city, and jewel of Rajasthan, was built of pink sandstone, the rarest color of its kind, Jodhpur, a true mosaic of all shades of blue, had been painted as such to distinguish the homes of Brahmins, its largest population, from others. And while Jaisalmer, as if to blend in the desert of Thar, dressed itself up with the same nuances of yellow, Udaypur, actual oasis, with its majestic palaces, multiple lakes and houses painted in white, is the most elegant and lush city of them all.
Picturesque as it can be, Rajasthan, yet simply referred to as a desert and famous for its gigantic forts, castles and intricately carved temples, and is pinched with contrasts of colors beyond imagination. Women, dressed in saris of all colors, appear as precious flowers and gems, covered with semi-transparent veils in infinite variety of tones matching almost miraculously those of Havelis, homes of rich merchants, sumptuously painted as if to amaze its passers-by. No wonder kings made it their land as we make it our play ground!

Land of desert, where the oldest and once highest mountains in the world have now passed-on their glory to the Himalayas, the Aravelis, now no higher than common hills, bow with modesty, making the Thar desert a land of oasis. Known for its fierce and fearless sword warriors, the Rajputs, for its stone carving and vast selection of semi-precious stones, for its most authentic gypsy music, for its surreal atmosphere and for being a country ruled by many kings, “Great-Kings”, and the land of Maha-Rajas seems to be coming out from a romantic tale of the One Thousand and One night...